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Personal WASH & FOLD


Spin's signature Wash & Fold service is perfect when you've got a mound of dirty laundry, but you haven't got the time. 

Just drop it off, and we'll do the rest: separate lights from darks, then wash in cold water and dry on medium heat. Nellie's All Natural Laundry Soda, Oxygen Brightener and Wool Dryer Balls clean without a trace of harsh chemicals or irritating fragrances. All items will be ready and waiting within 48 hours - clean, dry, folded (or on hangers). 

*Rush service: $2.75/pound and ready in 24 hours. $5 separate load fee applies if separating into more than two loads (delicates, athletic wear,  sheets/towels, etc. must be dropped off pre-sorted). There is a 15 pound minimum for all wash and fold orders. Items below are priced individually. Don't see your item on the list? Give us a call - we'll discuss your laundry needs and give you a personalized quote! 

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